Randy Hryhorczuk

Randy Hryhorczuk was born in Vancouver British Columbia Canada (1974) and raised in the countryside. He lived in the city of Vancouver for several years before moving to Toronto, Ontario (1999) to focus on painting. In 2007, Randy relocated to Guatemala City, Guatemala with his wife for a period of two years. His time was spent painting, reading and traveling throughout Central America, while continuing to show his work in Canada; returning frequently for exhibitions. Randy is a self-taught oil painter. He has exhibited his work publicly since 2000 in Canada, The United States and Germany. His artwork has been collected privately in Canada, the United States, Great Britain and Guatemala.

currently available work

20"x20" 12"x36"
18"x24" 18"x36"
18"x36" 18"x36"
30"x40" 12"x36"



past work