Sharon Barr

Sharon Barr is a Toronto based painter who attended York University, University of Toronto,and the Toronto School of Art. Her studies focused on Visual Arts, Art History and English Literature. She also received her Bachelor of Education at the University of Toronto. Since then, Sharon has worked as a full time artist and an art instructor. Sharon's paintings are in a wide variety of private, corporate and public collections. Large works have been featured in design magazines and television shows such as Sarah Richardson's Design Inc., Income Property, House of Bryan and many more. Not only has her work been in many group and solo shows, Sharon has been dedicated to promoting the arts in Toronto for over 20 years through serving on many committees that support artistic community endeavours.

Although her paintings are primarily abstract in nature, Sharon writes, "These paintings are self portraits; maybe not as most would instantly recognize as such, but for me, these organic forms are reflective of our own image. The bonds between animal and plant are vital for survival but the connection is deeper than sustenance. The earth is our body and its water, our fluids. Each painting is a silent visual poem to nature."

Sharon's artistic style captures dynamic and layered energy. The passions, power and peace found in organic forms are depicted in these images. Through each painting, the viewer is encouraged to explore their own connection to life and sacred natural world.


currently available work

54 3/4" x42 1/2"
72"x36" 72"x36"  
48"x60" 55"x36"
36"x36" 30"x40"



past work